Green Cream High Potency Retinol

It’s a non-prescription retinol that is quite active and can give the same benefits to your skin as a prescription version with many fewer side effects, like peeling and irritation. See before and after photos.  The results of using this brand can equal or surpass some prescription versions – and it’s less expensive (and is also available on Amazon) and can eventually or gradually be used multiple times daily even on the eyelids and lips.

Elta MD / Tizo

Some sunscreens contain chemicals that may cause a rash or a burning sensation on the face when a person is physically active and/or perspires a lot.  Tizo and Elta are “non-chemical” sunscreens (“active” ingredients are zinc oxide and titanium) and are much less irritating on the face for most individuals.

Non-chemical sunscreens are also very appropriate for children and babies who have very sensitive skin.


Gylderm is an alfa hydroxyl cleanser which is great to use when taking off cosmetics. Patients love it! It doesn’t leave your face greasy or dry and does not clog pores like so many other cleansers do.  The AHA’s seal in moisture while simultaneously compacting the outer-most layer of the skin. Honestly, it’s the only facial cleanser I use!

Latisse and Alpheon

These are both products that stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Latisse was the first one to market and is an excellent product.,  Alpheon also stimulates eyelash growth quickly and may be easier to use, as it is self contained in a wand-like container like a mascara stick.  It is also less expensive but lasts 6 or more months.  the most because it’s the least expensive and it works just as well! Interestingly, one of the side effects of these two products is when used over time, they can actually shrink the skin of the upper and lower eyelids, and therefore tightening it. Almost like a natural eyelift! When used consistently it can even prevent bags under the eyes. It’s a win-win.


This acquis anti-oxidant gives you such a glow on your skin that when you put it on it looks like you’ve just had a chemical peel without making you look greasy or oily! And without the procedure of an actual peel. Who doesn’t love leaving the house with a glow on their face?

Vitamin C and E

Antioxidants in a closed stable delivery system that does not allow the antioxidants to become inactive.  This product feels like satin and velvet when on your skin and is not greasy or oily.

Both Teoxane and Vitamin C can relieve any flaking or peeling that some people experience with topical retinoids while also delivering “active” or “educated” moisturizers which actually improves the skin texture and appearance.